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”Wine Business International”

 Editorial by Joel B. Paine*

Much as in politics, it is no longer possible for those of us in the wine business to ignore what goes on beyond our borders. Over the last decade the process of consolidation and globalization has led to wine companies in New Zealand reporting to a head office in Paris , a giant winery based in California creating one of France 's recent export successes and a Australian brewer calling the shots in the Napa Valley. Welcome to the first issue of Wine Business International, the first truly global, English language publication for the international wine industry.

At the distribution level, the trade is more finely balanced than ever: demand in Britain , s strong Japanese yen or a boycott in Russia can have previously unimagined implications for the Dutch, Brazilian or Australian consumer. But an importer in Singapore, a supermarket buyer in New Delhi or a retailer in Toronto does not necessarily need to know that the Connaught in London has a new sommelier, that Constellation has appointed a new wholesaler for Mondavi in Virginia or that Taylor's has hired a new sales manager. Instead, it is becoming more and more essential for all of us to know who are the successful players in each individual market, understand the background to their success – trough whom, at what price point and why – and have an understanding of both local and global trends.

Our perception of a region of production varies enormously from market to market. Our understanding of brands and how they function globally is often biased by our read of that brand's position in our own domestic market; but do they all offer the same image, the same price point and, yes, even the same product, in all global markets?

With highly experienced, well-respected eyes and ears based locally across the globe, we shall continue to keep you abreast of the important development and trends in the worldwide wine market, not only in print, but also digitally through our website at and our weekly email newsletter. There will be nothing that you need not know and, we trust, everything that you do. Please let me know what you think at .

*Although born and raised in the United States , Joel B. Payne has spent his professional career in Europe , first in France and later in Germany . He writes for many of the world's leading magazines and for the last fifteen years has published annually the Germane Wine Guide, considered the standard work.

Table of Contents

Regulars -- Editorial; Contributors

Column -- Len Evans, the end of an era by James Halliday

News -- Down Under: Large crop in 2006; Russia : Tax banderols wreak havoc by Igor Serdyuk

Wine Styles -- Rioja: Classic or Modern by Victor de la Serra

Global Tastings -- Chianti: Same face in all markets? Brand check: Mouton Cadet, Jacob's Creek, Torres Coronas

Market Watch -- United Kingdom: A dysfunctional market by Robert Joseph; Germany: High sales, low prices by Dr. Hermann Pilz; India : 30% growth by Subhash Arora

Interview -- Jirge Arpi, Penaflor's export director

Regional Analysis -- France: Playing by new rules by Dr. Bernard Burtschy; Chile: Strong Peso hurts by Jurgen Mathab & Ana M. Barahona

Company Profile -- Pernod Ricard's wine empire by Joel B. Paine

Retail Profile -- Jacques Weindepot by Richard Grosche

Packaging & Technology -- Cork and Closures by Dr. Jamie Goode

Worldwide Prices -- Bulk market; Shelf prices; Prestige Champagne

Sponsored Profiles -- Gruppo Italiano Vini: Italy 's largest producer; Rioja: One of the world's greatest wines

Next issue -- Internet


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